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06,Jan,16 // Written by Blue Sky CAD


Welcome to our first EVER blog post!

As we enter a New Year, renewed motivation and fresh starts are implied; but for many people the first day back to work is somewhat of a formality. Not at Blue Sky CAD……on Monday 4th January the team returned with smiles aplenty and we agreed to embrace the idea that “the New Year is an unwritten book, we should aspire to write one worth reading” – not least because we had already decided to begin authoring this monthly blog!

And so, we leapt head-on into 2016 with a site visit to an exciting new project in Winchfield, Hampshire; making the first day in our “new book” the perfect opportunity to encourage and inspire a new client.

As we walked around the elegant country house, built in 1883 (designed by T.E. Colcutt¹), which is to be restored and converted into 4 luxury houses, enthusiasm from the team was flowing. This passion gave birth to ideas on how various original features could be retained, ensuring each property will have bags of character. Throughout the visit the client appeared impressed with the teams’ creativity and even doled-out an “Idea-Of-The-Day” accolade to one suggestion.

Leaving the site 3 hours after we had begun, we all felt optimistic about this project and what other prospects 2016 may hold.

We may be a small company, but with a tight-knit team (in November we welcomed Emma, who has settled in brilliantly with our ethos) which has an eye for detail and quality as our goal, it’s certainly clear that “Teamwork makes the dream work”…!

Here’s hoping 2016 continues to be as inspiring as our first day back!

By Janine


¹ARCHITECTURAL FOOTNOTE: For those of you with a particular interest in architecture – which there’s a good chance you do if you have taken the time to read this entire blog post – T.E.Colcutt as an architect, is noted for his design of the Palace Theatre, Wigmore Hall and Savoy Hotel (all in London) and was also President of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).